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Hydraulic oil press performance and form:
This machine has the advantages of small volume and less land occupation; the operation is easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to operate, and needs not particular requirements to the operator.
This machine can save 50% power compared with stone mill.
This machine belongs to hydraulic oil press, and it has many advantages, such as high-pressure, high oil ratio, and the oil of final product is very clean.
This machine adopts full automatic control system, and no matter the preheat temperature or the pressure of hydraulic system, it is all automatic control.
This machine can be moved very easily.
hydraulic oil can be used for raw material , such as nuts, olive fruits and seeds,coconuts .
1.hydraulic oil press for olive or plam fruit and any seeds it's the most advanced equipment
2.the easiest to operate , having the highest oil yield. is the least to replace wearing parts among all the range of machines
4. it can press sesame, walnuts, olives, cocoa beans,pine nuts, and almonds . and other high oil crops with big capacity Any of our products are  customized, you are welcome to inquiry!