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High Grade Rice Bran Oil press Machine

    Zhengzhou First Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd specialize in all kinds of cooking rice bran oil press machine. Rice bran oil press machine is designed with own heat source, electric control system. User only need to prepare power, water, fuel, caustic soda, phosphoric acid and clay etc to complete the oil refining process.

  Operation instruction of edible oil refining machine unit:

  Preparation for starting equipment:

  1.Test crude oil,and test acid value and color,if you have laboratory, please do sample test.

  2. Connect cooling water

  3. Prepare bleaching clay,caustic soda(NaOH) and coal;

  4. Connect electric power.

  5. Check whether vacuum pump,air compressor,filter and heat conduction oil pump are ok.

  6. When changing heat conduction oil,must heat it for 5 hours about 98℃.If there is no steam to spill from head tank,it’s ok to heat it to 280℃ slowly.

  Alkaline refining operation instruction:

  Starting equipment: Light heat conduction oil furnace,control the temperature of heat conduction oil at about 98℃.Start vacuum pump,after it’s normal,it’s ready to be used.

  Operation process of batch refining: (1)feeding oil (2)heating (3)acid refining (4) alkali refining (5)water washing 2-3 times (6)drying and dehydration, the total time is about 24 hours.

  Alakli refining operation methods include low temperature concentrated alkali method(initial temperature is 20-30℃,alkalinity is 20-30Be) and high temperature light alkali method(initial temperature is 75℃,alkalinity is 10-16Be) according to alkalinity and oil temperature,the former is used widely,and the latter is mainly used for crude oil with low acid value,light color and little impurities.

  Water washing

  After soap-stock is discharged,continue to heat oil to 90℃,then add hot water for water washing and stirring.Water temperature should be about 5-10℃higher than oil temperature.If water temperature is too low, it will cause emulsification easily.After finishing adding water,continue to stir t for 5 mins,then static settlement for 4 hours, discharge soap water,water wash 2-3 times repeatedly,it depends on clear oil quality. Heat water washing clear oil to 105℃ slowly,stir and dehydrate for 1 hour,water washing clear oil can also suck into decolorization pot directly for vacuum drying for 30mins.

  Decolorization operation instruction

  Start vacuum pump,vacuum degree is higher than 700mmHg.

  Suck alkali refining oil after water washing into decolorization pot,stir it and at the same time,heat it to 90℃,and then stir it for 30 minutes, to decrease the moisture to below 0.1%,then suck little decolorizer(bleaching clay,active carbon),additive amount depends on color of oil, generally speaking, it’s 2-5% of oil weight, stir it for 30 mins, after decreasing temperature to 70℃,then use compressed air to press it into filter to separate bleaching clay from oil,and then get decolorant oil.

  Deodorization operation instruction

  Decolorant oil is sucked into deodorization pot by vacuum pump, when vacuum degree reaches above 755mmHg,start distillation and at the same time, time for deodorization.

  1.Deodorization time: 4 hours

  2.Deodorization temperature: 240℃/755mmHg 260℃/759mmHg

  3.Deodorization vacuum degree: above 755mmHg.

  4.During the whole timing process:must steam distillation.

  5.After finishing deodorization,continue to shut off direct steam under vacuum condition,shut off heat conduction oil,open cooling water valve,when the temperature of oil decreases to about 40-80℃,shut off vacuum pump valve, after inspection by sampling is qualified,it will be packed and the whole high class cooking oil production process is finished.