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Safety Of Rice Bran Oil Pressing Machinery Production

   Our product include: screw rice bran oil press, hydraulic rice bran oil press, rice bran oil press, centrifugal rice bran oil filter, roasting machine and other auxiliary machines. The high quality, resonable design and perfect after sales service contribute to our expanding market shares.

  Safety of rice bran oil pressing machinery production, following are strictly requested to be obeyed.

  1. During operating, hands or metal rods are strictly prohibited to enter the hopper to touch cakes.

  2. Tightening the screw shaft to its dead end is prohibited before starting or during operating, which might cause slag outlet to contact cake outlet ring, resulting in wearing.

  In the case of storage, oil dirt on machines surface and slags on each part need to be taken off. Paint rust-resisting grease and keep in dry place. Case needs to be covered to prevent dirty foreign particles from entering.