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Rice bran oil through rice bran crude oil refining, is a popular edible oil in recent years, with brown rice after rice "cloak" - rice bran refined rice bran oil. The golden color light, high boiling point, lampblack rarely, and suitable for cooking oil press; this answers the question,  "the characteristics of rice bran oil high temperature" determines that it is very suitable for Chinese food habits.


Indeed, the rice bran  oil is rich in nutrition and health "beneficial", but it is not suitable for Chinese food habits. Do not know whether you use olive oil fried vegetables? Relatively olive oil is thick and  low boiling point.  If fried dishes with olive oil fume and fried food is always with a little addition to the dish taste. Olive oil is suitable for westerners kind of salad or is used  in low temperature, it is not a good thing to do " feeling".


Review on Recent Trends in Rice Bran Oil Processing :